Our Sources

Just like a fine wine sourced from a specific growing region our Tea selections are also afforded the same level of professional sourcing.  When one thinks of a fine Champagne, we think Champagne, France.  When we think of a fine Keemun Black Tea, we think Keemun County, Anhui China.  Tea plants take centuries or more to adapt to a specific growing region.  The elevation, soil composition, rainfall, temperature, cloud cover, or what is called a terroir must be aligned to grow a balanced flavorful tea.

With a great harvest a tea master will then begin the art of producing the sacred beverage with knowledge passed down generation by generation.  All of our tea selections are sourced from the birthplace of each specific region.

  • Keemun Black Tea - Keemun County, Anhui China
  • Pu’er Tea - Pu’er County, Yunnan China
  • Raw Pu’er Tea - Pu’er County, Yunnan China
  • White Peony - Fuding County, Fujian Province
  • Aged White Tea - Fuding County, Fujian Province

Anteeo Tea's in house tea academic team takes great care when evaluating our sources for tea.  Each tea gets competitively graded against regionally like producers.  After numerous trials our teas are then shortlisted for customers, founders and advisers to approve and provide feedback.  Our reason for rigorous testing is to exceed our consumer base expectations and to have them truly taste the difference in our single origin authentic teas.