Hotel’s, Restaurants, Spas and Specialty foods stores feature Anteeo Tea to offer a high quality tea to the customer in the Culinary realm.  For years restaurant establishments have been offering commonplace boxed teas found in your no-frills grocery aisle.  While this has been the norm, Anteeo has felt that there was always an underlying need for a higher quality product to pair with great food & wine.

In our quest to give a great product to millions we’ve been diligent with making our teas available to Culinary Artists we call Chefs.  They are the gatekeepers of quality ingredients before they land in the customers palate.  We put our products to the test every time we have a chef sample our teas and give us feedback. When they are confident in offering us to their customers we feel we’re moving in the right direction.

Anteeo Tea has been receptive about feedback from Master Executive Chef’s at 4-5 star establishments and encourage them to push our limits on fine tasting notes and pairings.