With such a vast marketplace for tea, finding a quality production is often a difficult task.  We employ a group of experienced Tea Academics who carefully purvey our tea selections. Some members with over 20 years of experience have been able to bring us these fine selections customized for North American tasting notes.  With our 5 current tea offerings, we've focused our efforts to bring you the best in-class quality to price ratio for 5 specific teas.  

All of our selections must meet these 5 criteria:

    • High Quality Yield - Picked during the best season and from the birthplace
    • Noticeably Distinct Luxury Taste - Tastes that we're fond of in North America
    • Pure, unblended, unseasoned, unflavored - There are still subtle tastes which are mysteries to modern science
    • Historical - What makes each tea special?
    • Healthy - Teas have their own unique strengths and used to be medicine

Bitterness is the most sensitive of the 5 tastes as a natural defense mechanism for survival. The first taste we guard against is bitterness. The stomach is another major component. A great flavor needs to also be appetizing. I'm sure everyone has tasted a food or beverage which at first tastes good but for some reason wanes midway. Mental clarity, mood, awareness. How does your mood feel after your tea? Although everyone reacts differently to what they consume there are usually general outcomes. Long term mental and physical health. A quality tea should rejuvenate mind and body over the long term.  

The overall goal for all of this?  Higher Quality of Life.