Authentic and Natural

We focus on the essence of fine tea and purposely feature tea with no additives, flavorings, blending, spicing or any other constituents which would alter the naturally occurring flavor of the tea plants.  As a true Artisan product we only depend on the skill of a tea masters ancient methods and a successful annual harvest to achieve nature’s liquid gold.

We've always believed that it is undeniably difficult to outdo nature when it comes to satisfying our innate taste preferences.  We look for farms that give tea plants what they desire in proper amounts so that nature itself can transform these elements into something beneficial for us.  We look beyond a stamp or certificate to tell us about quality, by focusing on the history, lineage, management and specialization of the farm.

As a company we fully stand by our sourced-direct farms as if they were our own.  Our family of tea communities are continually growing as we find new unique varieties to present to our customers.

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